Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Tomorrow is Christmas, one of the most important holidays. This is just in case you forget etc.

Some people have contacted me about the lack of updates. Ryan Whiteis said that, while he loves staring at Patrick Gilbert, it gets old after awhile. This lack of updates is due to the lack of school and surplus of Lego. Speaking of Lego, if you have any Lego from you childhood that you don't want, you should give them to me/sell them to me. Lego is what runs SMCMLOLBLOG.

There exists a young man, Christopher James Henry, who lives in Dorchester and saw the ads for SMCMLOLBLOG one of my readers put up. He friended me on facebook recently, his reasoning being that he enjoyed the blog, and he liked my Christmas sweater. I was very flattered.

I saw someone from SMCM at Barnes and Nobles the other day. This person is a secret! Can you guess who?

Before leaving SMCM I spent the rest of my flex at the vending machine. I bought all the Cheeze-Itz, and a bunch of pretzels. salt salt salt!

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  1. you should have bought a peanut butter cup and smeared it on a certain someones white board.