Monday, December 6, 2010

Bicycles on Campus

UPDATE 5PM:  He sent out another email clarifying, he wants all bikes removed by winter break so that they can get rid of the broken/abandoned bikes.  Awesome!

Santiago just sent out an email regarding bicycles on Campus which I will repost below

I hope that this e-mail finds you well and winding down the semester. As you prepare for Finals, I want to make a quick announcement about bicycles. I am currently working on creating more bicycle storage (racks, etc.) on various places on campus and in an effort to do that I would like to make a request of you. If you have a bicycle on campus and it is secured to something other than a bike rack (i.e. a bench, a tree, a fence, a log, etc.), please remove it and either secure it to an outdoor bike rack or the bike rooms provided in your residence halls. Any bikes that are left elsewhere will be considered abandoned and removed from where they are. I thank you for your assistance and attention in this matter, and look forward to some bicycle safety programs during the Spring semester.
Fuck that.  There are no where near enough bicycle racks, they would need to triple the number of racks, and there aren't enough areas to place them that are aesthetically pleasing.  Have you ever seen the campus center/library at night?  There are dozens of them everywhere!  The bike rooms in residence halls are always full of bikes that no one ever uses, and the racks outside are also generally full.

I feel like this is something that was initiated without any input from the campus community (and if there was then he failed to mention it).  Additionally, people can't use the designated bike areas if there is not enough room, so I feel like they should implement these new bike storage areas first before making a request like this.

Lastly, I think a bigger issue is bikes that are left on campus and never use, or that are locked up and broken.


  1. But maybe this is an attempt to see where there are areas that DEFINITELY need the extra bike racks. If a bike rack has three times the amount of bikes it should hold, then they know that area needs more. If there are bikes attached to trees, benches, etc., but the bike racks are empty, it becomes a lot more difficult to figure out where they need to focus on.

  2. "If there are bikes attached to trees, benches, etc., but the bike racks are empty, it becomes a lot more difficult to figure out where they need to focus on."

    I don't think this happens though, at least anecdotally from what I have seen it doesn't.

  3. Yeah, if the bike rack has space (and not every space on a bike rack is practically usable given how close together they are) then it's generally used. I also think this is some horse shit, and wish to park my bike where ever I damn well please.

  4. I refuse to put my bike in wheel-bender racks like those found at the campus center. The new racks should be an improved design.

  5. i heard santiago has a nice rack

  6. They should keep the broken bikes for parts for the bike shop to use. That way if someone's bike gets taken and it isn't abandoned they can get it from the bike shop.

    What happens if there isn't enough space on the bike racks for all of the bikes people use and want to leave over break? where are they supposed to put them?