Friday, December 10, 2010

Jurgo Radio

Finally listened today, the interview with Kyle Jernigan.  I have class usually so I can never listen live.  Feel like someone more important, like the writer of a very influential blog should be on the show rather than some guy who just 'edits' a newspaper.  Don't really know what a newspaper is to be honest, are those like flyers that you see up around campus?

Really diggin the music, reminds me of playing Fallout 3 (via 1950s music).

Kyle says that he does not brag about the newspaper and is very humble about it.  Feel like he is doing this wrong.  If I were Kyle I would probably use my position to obtain bribes and such.  I know that I sometimes run bloggery posts here about events that people ask me to write about, and I generally charge a bribe of one beer.  Feel like if I ran a paper I could charge possibly two or even three beers per bribe.  Or maybe even cash!

Feel like old people are really good at choosing music that goes well with the guest that is being intereviewed (via this Ray Charles song about the news).

Kinda liked this most recent issue because my name is on the front page (via sponsoring bike shop legislation).

Wow Jurgo just tried to imply that Danny 5 Names is not as pretty as the dance show...gonna have to disagree.

Some discussion of going off the record.  I would like to say that off the record I enjoy the point news, but on the record I think it is pure terrorism.

Jurgo is playing a song called "Lies" by the Knickerbockers.  Pretty sure he played this because he feels that The Point News is full of lies, which I'm pretty sure is true.

Thank goodness he is finally playing some Gaga.  Glad to hear that Jurgo don't want no paper gangsta.

Kyle reported google analytics hits of 100 on slow days and as much as much as 400 on fast days.  Gonna check out our numbers and compare.

They are talking about grapevines and rumors.  I personally love grapevine rumors as well as spreading them.

RUMOR:  Is Kyle Jernigan a robot?  Did he lose weight via hard work or through a transformation into a CYBORG?!?!

Good episode overall, I will rate it 8/10.


  1. Dear someone more important:

    then you should be my guest on Jurgo Radio next Thursday the 16th. You can't have class because classes ended today (did you know that?). If you can make it email me at jurgo (jurgo), and it'll be a rumor. -Jurgo

  2. RUMOR: secret cabal responsible for all parties on campus, call themselves the partyarchy

  3. I thought his name was Jyles Bornagain

  4. What do you mean I'm not as beautiful as the dance show!?! Jurgo and I are going to have to have some choice words later on :)

  5. The Point News is awesome.