Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midnight Breakfast

Went to it this eve.  Usually don't go, but figured I would go tonight.


  • Jurgo wore a santa hat
    • He also like my hat which said 'ho ho ho'
      • I wore this hat a lot during the summer and it confused people
  • Biscuits and Gravy
    • oh my god yesss
  • Those things that are like swirly and have icing...I am blanking on the name....
  • I saw lots of bubbles
    • Which reminds me of the guy Bubbles from The Wire, which I think I will watch again over winter break
  • No donuts :/
  • No Santa
  • Karaoke (while being sober)

EDIT:  A lot of people seem upset at the lack of donuts and overall displeased, I dunno I felt like it was pretty great.


  1. Where the fuck were the doughnuts? Midnight breakfast = fail.

  2. Donuts are especially looked forward to because they are never served normally. Lots of the other midnight breakfast stuff is there every morning.

  3. LOVE the Wire. Best show EVER!

  4. I wish people from this school would stop complaining and start appreciating all they really have.

  5. dear mr benjes,

    you are at post 363. you better hit 365 for the year, or i will cry at not averaging a post a day.

    love, human

    ps, to anonymous #4, most people do appreciate what we have here. thing is, as the best thing since sliced bread, st marys cant just be good in areas, but must be great. we challenge all aspects of the school to step it up through our incesant whining.

  6. Also, if you didn't notice... Urgo wore those Sketcher's shape-up shoes! Gotta love a President who appreciates acquiring a great BUTT! (this made me very happy) :-D

    Oh and him and his wife doing karaoke! LOVE it

  7. there were donuts if you were there early enough...aka before all the drunkies/freshman ate them.

  8. Bullshit, do you mean legit donuts or just holes? I got there at like 9:15

  9. Debbie says BA bought 1000 donuts. The staff says it was 1000 donut holes. Which unless everyone eats like little birds and only takes one donut hole or half a donut hole apiece, is only about enough to serve the first 200-300 of the 1000-ish people who make their way through there. S'bullshit, mang.

  10. I don't think Debbie understands what a donut is, that or she was lying. There were definitely only holes, and it seems the staff agrees.

    But I don't really care, donuts weird me out to be honest.