Sunday, December 19, 2010

Madrigals Dinner

Attended my first, and probably last, donor's dinner.  The yearly Madrigals event was really nice.  Ben and I arrived around 6:10 and made our way to the open bar.  They had top shelf liquor!  And Heineken!  I didn't realize liquor could taste so good.

So then we went to our table.  We sat with Amir Reda and some alums from like 98' and 01'.  I don't really recall their names, but I think I had met the one guy before at a Buildings and Grounds committee meeting. Anyway, I talked to the guy next to me about the Townhouses, and how they didn't call it The Greens, and how there was no Hallowgreens, and how he was around for the riot.  It was really great!  I am really excited to go to alumni weekends and talk to old people about this stuff.

Also there were singers!  I didn't really understand what they were singing, but then at the end they sang Christmas songs which I could comprehend.  Larry Vote looked real baller moving his hands around like a maestro.  Kristina Schiller tells me she had a solo, which I am not sure I realized because I couldn't really see much from my table, and her singing voice is probably a lot different from her talking voice.

Apparently Madrigal is a type of voicey music.  THE MORE YOU KNOW....

Oh also there was this guy with a lot of war medals, he had graduated in 79', and we were all wondering what the giant medal cross+crown on his tie was.  Then like 10 minutes later Jurgo actually asks him what it meant, and I think I eavesdropped that it meant that if he were British he would have been A KNIGHT!!!  That guy is probably the most ballin' alumni that the college has produced.

Okay that is about it.  Oh also I think Ben and I were probably the only guys without suits.  We opted for the sweater over buttondown combo.  We also opted to wear the same outfits that we wore to a cocktail party last week.  WE'RE COOOOOOOOL.


  1. 1. lovin the shoutout

  2. Well I had lost Ben (via he ran away during your performance for some drunken reason) and since I didn't know where he was I started wandering around campus looking for a party, and then he rolled up in his truck

  3. Why is it when you go back and hang out with people at your old University its 'distinguished' and 'formal'. But when I go back and hang out with girls at my old highschool I get questioned by the police!