Thursday, December 30, 2010

SMCMLOL: Year in Review

Let us, dear readers, take a journey into this past year re: this bloggin blog.

2010 marked the first year that I made enough $ from ads to get paid.  I got a pretty check from GOOGLE for 100$ which I promptly spent on Rikaloff probably.

Okay but lets look at some analytics and numbers and stats because I want to BORE YOU ALL.

THE BIG PICTURE (click for bigger duh)
Of note is that flatline from July 30th to August 26th.  This was when I done goofed and for some reason it wasn't recording stats.  But it doesn't matter because it was the summer and no one reads then anyway (except for that big spike in the middle).

Anyway, according to Google there were 49,919 visits (will probably break 50,000 by end of the year maybes) and 94,000 page views.

Most visitors were from the United States, but people from all over read the blog (via study abroad I imagine).  Oxford kids were the second biggest readership, then Canada (what the fuck???  Paul Lemley???)  and then the Gambia and then Italy.  Alba kids, you disappoint me!  And at #10 was Czech Republic....Sam Rockler??  And all of Argentina was probably Sam White.

Anyways, compared to 2009, (however I have to note that recording did not begin in 2009 until the end of February) there was a huge increase!  Like +250%!  Here is a picture showing that (click for bigger).  Blue is 2010, Green is 2009.

Interesting data.  What is also interesting is that the same pattern of decreased readership on the weekends is consistent (admittedly I don't generally update on the weekends) for both years.

Anyway thank you for reading!  What does the future hold (hint:  future may be bleak...)?


  1. why might the future be bleak?! We still have one more semester with you ken Benjes!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  2. Yeah really I guess I'll be here until 2012 ahahh.... oh my god school :[

  3. if i refresh this page like mad do your stats increase

    PS i did not know people actually read this blog, maybe i will stop being so obnoxious with comments

  4. Hey. I will have you know that I was not the only one who read your blog from Argentina. I think a few of us talked about a few of your posts because you are a better source of important news on campus then the 2140937 emails the school sends daily. Also, more entertaining.