Friday, November 19, 2010

Great Room Hatin'

Hatin' may be the wrong term, but there's an interesting event on The Facebook (lol, Katy Arnett ironically calls it this and I giggle a lot when she does, I think my Mom unironically says it thought) regarding the quality of the Great Room

Interesting comments, didn't know there was so much anger.  Feel like I kinda failed as Chair of the Food Services Committee last year (but not really, we tried several times to meet with them but it was difficult due to changing management etc., but new dude seems real receptive to feedback!) by not realizing this stuff.

Goddamit I just miss chicken patties.  I understand that they are not locally made, but that is some of the most delicious 600 calorie (yes, srsly 600 calories, you could look it up on their website.  This explains why it was sooooooo good) piece of meat in existence.

So, dear readers, what do you think about the great room?  Kinda feel like maybe quality has gone down a bit, or at least selection, but the school has also been cash-strapped (via economy) so I don't really blame them.  Just glad people are upset at the Great Room as an institution, and not the people (although that weekday omelet guy always seemed upset at me for some reason).

Regardless, I think I'm gonna opt out of a meal plan next semester.  So much cheaper just cooking for myself.


  1. In the spirit of the age, let's have a rally.
    Also, I heard that in the reign of Maggie, there were peacocks, but she banished them from the SMCM kingsom. (IDK, seem like just a pretty invasive species on par with nutria. And if not, they probably just poop anywhere.)
    But just because we can, let's start a Facebook petition to get them back. Everyone loves a good, non satirical petition.

  2. The peacocks were banished because people they were getting too unafraid of people/obnoxious, and people kept letting them loose inside Monty.

    They're at a farm right off campus, though. You can still hear their "hork!"ing from guam.

  3. Peacocks? Pretty sure that's the Guam pterodactyl.