Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall 2011 Classes

Went on portal today (because roommates told me that we all got 25$ credited to our accounts for some reason...not sure why but probably gonna spend it on more swag at the school store) and saw that there is a link for tentative Fall 2011 classes...feel like they are trying to taunt me and the fact that I will be graduated by then.  Is there a way they can not put that on there?

They should have it just not show up for seniors.  :[


  1. word on the street is that everyone in the mold townhouses got $25 credited to their account for the electric bills. A first step towards compensation or some such.

  2. I got mine, spent it on a sweat shirt!

  3. i thought you were doing an mat year? wont you still be at smcm next year?

  4. why isn't it up anymore?
    isn't registration at the end of march? isn't it march already?