Monday, November 15, 2010

7 Wonders T Shirt

Yall check out this shirt that is for sale. Dunno who sells it though. Kinda remember people selling it at the end of last semester, but also saw Kristina Schiller looking sad/bored/sober selling them at Hawktoberfest.

Don’t really like black shirts to be honest. Also kinda confused by the whole Frisbee golf aspect of the shirt, don’t really know anyone that has played a Frisbee golf course using the 7 wonders of St. Mary’s. Seems like an okay shirt though. I will rate it ‘I would buy it for 5$’.

1 comment:

  1. 1. appreciate the shoutout.
    2. was not only sad, bored, and sober, but hungover as well.
    3. ODK is selling them
    4. we are now selling them on NAVY shirts, not black, via navy being an smcm color
    5. they definitely cost more than $5. sry.