Monday, November 29, 2010

Stolen Flannel

Someone grabbed my flannel at the Nest two weeks ago.  This is me wearing said flannel.  I would like it back.  I am offering a reward of several dollars!  The tag inside says 'Woolrich'.  This is my favorite flannel and I would like it back.  If you see anyone wearing it you should probably punch them up.

Srsly someone return it :/


  1. Have you considered sending out an All Student Email?
    I hear those are very effective for finding lost/stolen items.

  2. I would never do something so fucking annoying

  3. Also, I'm pretty sure your blog gets more readership than All-Student emails.

  4. ugh, I would be so upset with you if you sent an all student email. I want to go to Jurgo's open hour and get that shit stopped. so annoying.