Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brian Tennyson

Saw Brian Tennyson a bit ago on my way to work.  He was coming out of the Health Center with a Bag of Drugs.  Guess he is sick, which is unfortunate.

My issue was that he was wearing shorts!  It is kind of cold outside right now, and I don't think wearing shorts will help him with his sickness.

This photo displays shorts similar to the ones he was wearing, except that he was not a werewolf when I saw him (potentially this is related to his sickness, maybe he was getting anti-werewolf drugs from the Health Center???  Is Brian Team Jacob???).


  1. Brian wears shorts every day ever no exceptions unless there's lava flows

  2. especially when there are lava flows--it would be hot out. also he is impervious to lava, and actually, all forms of external stimuli; this like temperature, natural forces, and magic are nothing. the only thing he must battle with is internal demons.

    Possibly why he is actually sick.

  3. Brian <3's shorts. also the picture is from study abroad last summer, we had an RSC makeup tutorial. Pretty sure he's team Shakespeare, not team Jacob. Twilight is gross.

  4. ditto to the Shakespeare comment...