Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SGA Meeting 11/16/2010

SGA Meeting!  As you know, I now 'chair' the meetings and call on people to speak so I can't liveblog.

Early in the meeting Alex Walls made some noise near a trashcan while someone was presenting.  This has been your daily dose of something silly that Alex did.  <3 u Alex.

We passed some boring stuff regarding GSMRF.  Boring but probably important.

We also passed a resolution supporting faster INTERNET instead of more wireless.  Radical.

Additionally, we allocated $15,000 to keep the bike shop running for three more semesters, at which point hopefully the school will start funding it, or we will try to raise student fees in order to pay for the cost.  I need to go there today and get air in my tires!

Were you negatively affected by mold and feel like the school didn't care enough?  An ad-hoc committee is being formed to ensure that school administrators realize the full extent of the mold problem, as some students (like myself and the President) felt like these issues were glossed over in meetings with administrators.

In more exciting news, Programs Board is planning on having AN ICE RINK when we come back in January.  This would be cool, even though I have never gone ice skating.  I live on the water and when the ice freezes I like to go out on it and slide around, eventually falling on my buttocks.

That is about all for this week!


  1. Ken, I also need bike helpz. Let's have a bike shop date.

  2. SMCM SMP Proposal "The effects of 4Loko minus caffeine has on SMCM students". Results "Students are now just drunk and sad".

    Please report on the real news Ken Benjes.

  3. Also, by "ad hoc committee" do you mean class action lawsuit?