Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Email from Larry Vote:

Dear Campus Community:

On Saturday February 20, 2010 the Athletics and Recreation Center was officially named the Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center. When referring to the ARC in emails, newsletters, web site postings, announcements, flyers, and all other forms of correspondence, please remember to refer to the ARC by its new official title. For those of you who have already been doing this, I thank you.

Larry Vote,

Acting President/Provost

Not likely. Saying 'The ARC' is just a lot easier. But I guess it makes sense to refer to it as such in emails and the like. I wonder when someone is going to buy/sponsor our library. I hope it's Sheetz. Then we can say stuff like 'yo I'm heading to Sheetz to study'.


  1. I already do that. Sheetz is fucking classy!

  2. Since the library is too expensive to sponsor, I think they should be sentimental and call it The Lucile Clifton Memorial Library*

    *But We Can Rename It If You Got the Dough

  3., I refuse to call it this until after the O'Brien scandal is wrapped up. Who knows if the name was actually worth it.

  4. yea...what scandal?

  5. apparently he's involved with that sketchy land deal. i bet that's why he got the arc named after him.

  6. I'm alright with calling it the MOB