Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SGA Meeting 3/23/2010

SGA Meeting. I bought the new pokemon game today so I probably won't be paying much attention. I picked Cyndaquil! He is level 9! If anyone else is playing this then we should battle.

8:07 - Meeting has....begun.

8:09 - Sentret just leveled up to 7.

8:10 - Some boring legislation. If senior class spends over budget more than 4,000$ then the SGA gets to approve any other funding or somesuch.

8:14 - It passed.

8:16 - Gonna be a lot of debate on this. Talon Grant for the Barn that is somewhere around here and near Chancellor's Point. He is asking for 20,000$, which he said sounds like a lot, which it is a lot. I don't really understand it, so hopefully people will ask good questions that he can answer and expand on to show why it's so important.

8:20 - I don't feel like students would want to use it very much since it's pretty far away and people usually don't feel like walking. But I could be wrong.

8:31 - I guess it's a cool way to spend money on something that will be around for awhile.

8:32 - I guess I don't think it's the best use of student money, like, would students really use it?

8:34 - 10 minute walk from campus center, kinda far away. Ughhhh I don't know how to decide : [

8:35 - Could we have barn parties in it???
Update: Texted some senators asking them to ask this question. lulz.

8:38 - Doesn't have electricity, but Historic has a generator. Makes hosting stuff their difficult. Also no restrooms.

8:42 - Woah apparently some slavs were buried next to the barn. Long time readers will know how much hate I hold for the slavic people.

8:43 - I don't actually hate slavs btw.

8:45 - David Chase said something to me via facebook, how much internet could we buy for 20k? Ahhh I wish we had faster Internet. Could download so much porn, I mean, Disney movies and homework assignments/articles.

8:46 - Motion to change the amount from 20,000 to 10,000.

8:47 - Sola may or may not have said that it would be a good place to smoke weed.

8:49 - Mike Young, the pragmatist strikes again.

8:53 - More discussion, more people wanting to fund 20,000.

8:54 - Senator next to me is watching Modern Warfare 2 videos on youtube.

8:58 - So thirsty.

9:01 - "It's pretty huge" - Farm dude in reference to the size of the barn. Hope he was actually talking about his penis.

9:09 - Robb Kircher is reading movie reviews.

9:10 - Fuck you Mark Snyder no one gives a fuck about your goddam New England piece of shit town. j/k you bring up a good point. Seriously though stop saying you are from New England, we get it already.

9:17 - Mark stop talking. <3

9:18 - Right now voting, I'm voting against changing it to 10,000.

9:30 - How is it already 9:30. I knew this would happen. h8 u debate.

9:37 - Just got some water, feeling refreshed, feeling authentic.

9:39 - Talon Grant just passed.

9:41 - Justin Perry just called me out in his wanting me to run for President. I feel like Presidents should not get stupidly drunk every weekend, which is why Marlena is a great choice.


9:49 - Lisa Davidson just compared Health Care Reform and the Barn. Lol.



  1. Getting stupidly drunk is a presidential tradition. Keep it strong.

  2. hey New England is the most magical place in the world Ken Benjes, you watch your goddamn mouth. just kidding <3 <3 <3. but srsly, barn parties anyone?

  3. will there be farm animals in the barn we can interact with?

  4. I didn't mean to make a direct connection. I just thought it was important to note the 'important' decision making and legislation of our country and how we're following a pattern and I was proud of us. Whatever. I thought this was SGA.

  5. Vice-Presidency is clearly where its at. Except for being having to be a jerk chairing meetings. But otherwise I vote Kenjes VP 2011.

  6. god i can't type.

  7. Davidson sorry if I sounded harsh, it was a very sincere comment you made and I enjoyed it.

  8. So does anyone actually want this barn?

  9. I mean....10,000 for chris rodkey's boat that like 10 people will use...20,000 for a barn that will directly influence farming activities on campus and impact everyone and the food they eat, as well as revitalize st. mary's history and the local community...meh

  10. spend the money who gives a shit. maybe we can keep the nutria there.

  11. the money for chris rodkey's boat was 2,000 not 10,000, and it will be used by 10 people a year for 10 years. thats prolly more people than will use the barn.

  12. This is basically your most enjoyable SGA post so far!

  13. Sola I also really liked this post. Lots of info and some funny stuff.

  14. I thought before ken had said it was 2,000 + 8,000 for the boat. but, maybe its true that students do really want a boat, and they are pretty expensive-- and a barn and the chancellor's point project and a farm would mean more to the people who care about it if they did it largely on their own--but I still think student involvement at historic is a really cool and vital upcoming project for st. mary's future!