Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giant Spider PANIC

I was walking by the path and I saw a very large spider web. This can me only one thing: GIANT SPIDERS! PANIC! Spiders are really scary and I hate them and I am worried that this possible GIANT SPIDER will attack us all in our sleep/crawl into our mouths (boy scout urban legend that horrified me).

What do yall think made this giant spider web?
  • Normal spider
  • Spiderman
  • Spaderman
  • Art Major
  • Senior fulfilling art req
I think it was a spaderman

EDIT: According to comments Becca Clement made it, who is a senior. Called it!


  1. Why not a SpiderWOMAN?
    I'm all for gender equality in superheros/ Scary mutant people.
    I'm pulling for the last suggestion though.
    And you should add the myth about the pimple/spider bite that turned out to be full of spider eggs.

  2. That was a project of Becca Clement's from the public art class in fall 09 that never got taken down. It used to be further towards the pond, but I guess someone found it and moved it back.