Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SGA Meeting 3/30/2010

8:05 - Still looking for a place to have the meeting.

8:07 - Stole Lisa Neu's gavel.

8:13 - Gave gavel back to an angry Lisa Neu.

8:21 - GSMRF - Green St. Mary's Revolving Fund.

8:22 - Justin said climax and I laughed.

8:23 - The goal is to fight our energy consumption and decrease our carbon footprint.

8:24 - Only a few other school do this, most aren't small liberal arts colleges (Harvard has a huge one!). The idea is to invest in green energy, and then we would get money back from the energy savings. Also it makes the school look cooler!

8:30 - Brendan Larrabee just left. Ass.

8:31 - Perry wants to start the fund with 80,000$. Ahh this is so complicated! How wonderful! To keep the fund growing, 10% of SIG (Student investment group) dividends will go into it (prob like 1,000$ a year I figure), allocate 10,000$ of yearly operating budget on this, increase student fees by 5$. Radical.

8:36 - Green ideas! Green trash compactor (sends a message letting people know when it needs to be emptied), motion-sensing lights, solar street lights, rain barrels, reusable to-go boxes, etc.

8:38 - Fund should be self-sufficient within 6 to 7 years. Ahh I'll be so old!

8:48 - Chris Rodkey: blah blah blah I have a question? Justin Perry: Well if you read the email I sent out...

8:50 - Just voted on something. There's like five different parts of legislation for the GSMRF but I'm only kinda paying attention because I'd rather just vote on it all at once.

8:51 - Feel free to leave comments asking questions, this whole thing is complicated but really important/cool.

9:09 - "This isn't crazy magic coming out of nowhere, it's been proven to work" - Mark Snyder on how much we should raise student fees by (I want 10).

9:18 - Debating stuff. Should probably pregame SGA in the future.

9:19 - Totally knew Tony Quick was going to say 'pussyfoot'.

9:27 - *cries* I have to make a decision and vote and not abstain - Chris Rodkey

9:31 - More voting

9:32 - Alex Walls is proposing a new committee called the 'Environmental Protection Committee'. Cool. Committee would talk about environmental stuff or whatever, kinda boring but cool because environmental issues are really important and not covered by any of the other committees.

9:35 - Woah there was a typo in this amendment, can we really trust something with typos?

9:41 - Alex Walls just lost his 'train' of thought. Can we really trust his proposal? Considering abstaining to annoy him.

9:44 - Someone just piggybacked something. I fucking love piggybacking.

9:45 - Alex just had a 'trainwreck' in his mind. What is with his train obsession?

9:46 - Why don't you guys understand that there is no limit to how many people are on a committee, I have like a dozen people on food services committee. It makes meetings a lot more fun.

9:52 - Dean Bayless just said piggybacking.

9:54 - I literally have no idea what we are debating right now.

9:56 - Lost quorum, gonna table stuff. Oh and the Environmental committee passed.

9:59 - Movie this weekend in Youth in Revolt. Hope Cera can nail the role of awkward teenager.

10:00 - Dean Bayless implying we have weak girly arms. I don't disagree with her.

10:01 - Candidates for next years exec board. Marlena and myself for prez and vice, Matt smith for treasurer, Bryan miller for campus programming. Other people are running against us but these are the cool dudes yall should vote for.

10:03 - Just invited 600 people to the natty boh hunt event. Lols.

10:04 - Spirit Week. Some cool ideas. Penny wars is dumb because by college you realize a small amount of change can easily buy a 40oz.

10:08 - Meeting over!


  1. Ken,

    Best minutes ever. I love you.


  2. for the record I said it's not crazy science. because it's not,it's a sweet investment opportunity.

  3. Give me feedback re: Upper Deck plz.

  4. <3 u justin

    Mark sorry I was typing fast because I really liked what you said and got confused. it's still not accurate but it makes sense now

    sent the email matt

  5. by the way : "Only a few other school do this, most aren't small liberal arts colleges (Harvard has a huge one!)"
    thats what she said.

  6. ken, i noticed you didn't send me an invite to the natty boh hunt. does this mean i'm not allowed to look for cans. :[ forever

  7. Really? I did a blanket invite via inviting everyone in the SMCM network. Maybe you aren't in it or it isn't your main network or something?

  8. EDIT: Yeah you have your network set at Herdon High