Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SGA MEeting 3/9/10

SGA woo. Just got housing assignment, Harrington 3. Awesome. H2 is Tyne Lowe, H7 is Kate Swiggett. Jealous of Kate! H1 is Brooke Wilson. Oh my fucking god Harrington 4 is Brian Van Parys. yesssss

8:04 - Hungry. Kinda want coffee. Don't even like coffee that much.

8:10 - Yelling 'fight' randomly to see if anyone notices or something.

8:17 - Just started. Don't have enough people yet. Lame.

8:18 - Student speakout. Something about multicultural event. Still super happy over everyone who is living in Harrington. Not really paying attention

8:22 - New Senator inductions. Cool.

8:24 - Emergency fund appeals

8:27 - Chris Rodkey wants 2,000 to spend on a boat. Total is 26,000 and they've done a good job raising money. The 2,000 is on top of the 8,000 they requested earlier this semester. So a total of 10,000.

8:35 - Dunno how I feel about this. I don't really see the issue with giving them 2,000 when they've done a lot, but whatever. I am pro this.

8:40 - Debbie is impressed that Crew is getting an outside donor. I feel like on SMUT we often get outside donors, generally it's booze though and not thousands of dollars.

8:43 - Alex Walls and some others voted against it, but it passed woo.

8:49 - Just forgot to vote on something. Ah well.

8:54 - Some bill got passed that I introduced, was boring

8:55 - Justin Perry just said 'rejiggering' <3

8:56 - Oh my god Jeff Levy is here, I haven't seen this kid since Freshman year. Sweet.

9:01 - Don't feed Agatstein nuts unless if you want him to die.

9:02 - SafeRide won't be running to off-campus parties. It was brought up for discussion at somepoint somewhere, but nope. Gonna continue riding bike home from hill house drunk I suppose.

9:05 - Alex Walls is 'bouncing' off what Justin said earlier. I liked it more when he 'piggybacked'.

Meeting over


  1. HAHAHA. Don't feed Agatstein nuts. HAHA.

  2. 1) give chris rodkey whatever he fucking wants

    2) saferide was real sketch about hill house and asking us inappropriate questions and it was veto'd (vetoed?) before this date. this bongwater lady had too many questions and we are too good at information management.

    also, keep up the drunk biking down 5.

  3. It's too bad people care more about having fun at their parties than making sure their friends get home alive. Also, drunk biking sounds like social darwinism in action.

  4. "Social Darwinism" doesn't mean what you think it means.

  5. Think you are looking for the term natural selection, and I have been naturally selected to drunk bike obviously.

  6. I <3 drunk biking. It's one of the great pleasures in life.

  7. SafeRide is the shit. And I think drunk biking should be an olympic sport. Lance Armstrong v. Ken Benjes. My money is on Ken.