Monday, March 29, 2010

Bald Eagle on Campus

Been seeing a 'bald' eagle on campus lately. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand bald eagles like to fight seagulls (long term readers may know how much I fucking hate seagulls with every fibre of my being) and they are pretty and they are an American icon. But on the other hand there are really no negatives to this so I don't know why I wrote it like there would be a negative. Not gonna erase it. Fuck editing.

Saw it Friday morning around 7:30 on the way to class circling LQ. As an LQ senator, if this bald eagle tries to attack us I will destroy it and its terrorism. Some SMUT friends said they saw it on North Fields, and another friend said she saw it attacking a seagull (woot).

What do yall think about 'bald' eagles
  • Do they represent the very ethos of St. Mary's?
  • What is an ethos?
  • Do bald eagles get drunk?
  • Would you rather our national bird be the bald eagle or the delicious turkey via Ben Franklin
  • Was Ben Franklin our greatest President due to his alcoholism and not actually being a President but getting to be on the 100$ bill?
EDIT: surprised I didn't write this as a 'PANIC' article.


  1. Ben Franklin was the best because he was a pimp. Also not a president.

  2. jefferson wanted it to be a dove. yet another reason he was our greatest founding father.

  3. Thomas jefferson was also an alcoholic, and the top wine connoisseur of his time. Aka best founding father.