Saturday, March 6, 2010


Hey good job basketball team, I am proud. I just wish we got to riot afterwards : [

Does St. Mary's county have SWAT/riot control stuff? Probably. Maybe they have a lot of it and like to train in preparation for the apocalypse.


  1. TO quote the SM Today (bad source i know)

    "Swarming Cops at St. Mary's College
    No, not another riot at the college such as took place at Labor Day weekend in 1998"

    That was a riot on the greens, and about as proper a riot as one could hope for at SMC.

    The SMC response would not be something as serious as UMD with armored buses, horsemounted assbeaters etc, but I would reckon that a proper 'hippy beating' would ensue.

    Oh, yes, they have a SWAT team.

  2. Ask Prof. Hicks about that riot.

    PS said "stop drinking on the greens!" and then students started throwing things, so the riot squad was called.

  3. I too heard the story from Hicks. The state police brought SWAT teams with full riot gear... including armor and tear gas. Just because of the open container policy I believe?

  4. i do not know about any SWAT team, but i know that Saint Mary's County Police are trained to handle riots in the police academy.(As my god-brother just graduated Saint Mary's Police Academy)

    AND on a side note- he said that SM Police are not allowed to enter campus on may day.