Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/29

SGA meeting with new Senators, cool

8:03 - O man meeting started early

8:04 - Swearing in of new senators. Mark Snyder was late and walked in during the swearing in and I loled.

8:07 - Senator Smith and Senator Agatstein just walked in late, what losersss

8:08 - Dean Bayless has a cool necklace

8:09 - Margo Williams, president of Student Investment Group is here. She is talking about stuff.

8:12 - Dean Bayless is here to talk about the Strategic Plan! She just established that she is taking notes on her blackberry, and not just texting friends. I hope it is both because texting during SGA is fun.

8:15 - Strategic plan is still boring and I still don't like hearing about it. But it seems like there are more concrete things in it now, so it's less boring I guess.

8:21 - I read it some more and it is a lot more concrete and is no longer boring. Congratulations Strategic Planning Committee.

8:26 - New Bill, spend 1,000$ on three picnic benches on The Greens. Sounds cool as I like picnic benches a lot.

8:34 - There is this kid here and he is asking too many questions that are stupid and annoying

8:36 - Cool it passed. In a few weeks there are gonna be some picnic benches on the Greens.

8:40 - Officer reports, blah blah blah

8:51 - My butt really itches and I am uncomfortable

8:56 - That annoying kid is complaining the Caroline doesn't have a piano. I hate Caroline and I hate pianos.

9:04 - Meeting over

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