Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/8

SGA is back in session! I told two people to come to the meeting tonight to express their opinions during the student speak out, so maybe they will show up.

8:07 - Meeting starts. Exciting!

8:08 - Chris Rodkey is late what a loserrrrrrrrrrr

8:10 - Some Argentinian kid is upset that there is not Argentina flag in the Great Room. This is awesome. Probably the best issue anyone has brought up in the history of SGA.

8:12 - Somehow Prince George has a runoff election. This is absurd. It was between the awesome Mark Snyder and Lisa Davidson, who is also probably cool but not as much as Mark. So they are going to have runoff election.

8:15 - New club, Grilling Club. This is cool. This club is awesome. But it is getting tabled because no one from the Grilling Club is here to tell us about it.

8:16 - Another new club, Amnesty International. Human rights stuff etc. boring. It passed.

8:22 - SafeRide is changing their constitution. Oh my goodness complicated. Lots of changes. It has been passed.

8:37 - Blah blah blah

8:40 - Officer Reports. Boring.

8:43 - Matt Smith says that people are complaining about BPA. Lame.

8:45 - I brought up the issue of recycling etc. and getting small recycling bins out to residents.

And meeting over

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