Thursday, September 10, 2009

Magic Bus

I don't get St. Mary's County. How can it have such awesomely cheap public transportation? It's been around for years, but people usually forget about it. You can take the bus, for 50cents a ride, to Vintage Values, Chipotle, Target, and probably some other stops. Shane Hall sent out a cool email with all the info, and lots of The Who refrences, which I will continue. Make sure you are talking about my generation while riding this magic bus (this was a really horrible attempt).

Either way, here is the website for the bus with lots of detailed information on the bus route and other things. And you can download the pretty word doc that he sent out here in case you deleted his email.

1 comment:

  1. That bus really is a BARGAIN, but WHO ARE YOU to tell me about it, I'M FREE to ride it if I want to.... YOU BETTER YOU BET your ass I will ride that bus. I hope that guy didn't use any of those references cus I didn't read the e-mail.