Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/15

SGA Meeting

8:11 - Meeting starts

8:13 - Speakers! Chip Jackson and another guy talking about the Anne Arundel Hall replacement. I really dislike people who want to keep Anne Arundel, because it eats up half of the reconstruction/upkeep budget of the college, and there's really nothing special about it (aside from the Blackistone Room). It sounds like a cool project with lots of new stuff that will create a lot of new classrooms for the humanities.

8:22 - Oh my god the guy with the amazing French accent is back! He is talking about why re-using Anne Arundel Hall is a bad idea. He has lots of reasons that are complicated and boring.

8:27 - I like the new layout a lot, it looks pretty cool. The pictures will be in the Campus Center tomorrow when they have a table with information.

8:29 - A proposed drawing of the new buildings makes them look a lot like Goodpaster, which is weird but cool I guess.

8:32 - Design Phase Dec 2009 - Fall 2011. Construction Phase Summer 2012 - ??? 2015. That's like a million years away, I don't even give a fuck now.

8:34 - I just realized that like only one other person is sitting on this side of the room :[

8:35 - Some girl just asked when construction would be. It was just fucking on the screen 5 minutes ago. What the fuck pay attention.

8:36 - Where would religious studies and philosophy go? Chip says the worst case scenario answer is trailers, but hopefully there will be other stuff that he is planning to tell us later maybe.

8:47 - Grilling Club! Hahah holy shit Piglet is presenting this. They really want to get into the art and hobby of grilling, which I think is pretty cool. This is honestly probably one of the best club presentations I have ever seen.

8:51 - Oh shit Debbie Travers just brought up the point that gas grills are illegal on campus. But really, no true griller uses propane.

9:02 - Adam Matthai - "Thanks for letting us grill you" haha holy shit win.

9:03 - Grilling Club is now a club! Yay.

9:05 - Boring stuff

9:08 - Jane Butel Cooking Club. This is the weirdest shit ever, and I think that they are a cult or something. This club is fucking surreal. I can't deal with it. I voted against it because there is already a cooking club.

9:21 - Fuck yeah the club didn't pass.

9:24 - Sheriff wants to talk to people organizing May Day about stuff, like don't cross route 5.

9:30 - blah blah blah

9:39 - blah blah blah

9:45 - We are discussing how we should vote against more stuff, like we did tonight.

Meeting over. Good meeting!

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