Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SGA Meeting 9/22

SGA Meeting tonight. Not much happening so maybe we will use that extra time to discuss cool things like the Presidential Search or clubs.

8:06 - We haven't started yet. I could be watching TrueBlood! le sigh

8:09 - For like the first time ever I am sitting on the other side of the lecture hall. All of the Executive Board is over here, and most people are over here. The people on the other side are the Dean and some other people whose names I don't feel like writing (except Kelly Schroeder cause she is cool).

8:10 - Meeting begins

8:13 - A girl is complaining that they did the fire drill in PG without notice. I feel as though I have been doing fire drills without notice since Kindergarten.

8:17 - Danny wants SafeRide to run to Oasis (Monk's) on Wednesdays more and have a second van. I am in favor of this since drunk driving is dangerous, and the only safe drunk driving is Mario Kart drunk driving.

8:18 - St. Mary's Revolving Loan Fund for Green initiatives. This is really cool. The idea is that the SGA would buy a green thing, like a solar panel for a dorm. Then the school would pay us back via the savings from those green initiatives (like the solar panel) until the SGA is paid back 110%ish. Shane Hall is presenting it, but he annoys me. Chris Rodkey made a really smart comment and further proved that he is really smart.

8:38 - Shane Hall just said that RECs suck so I like him now.

8:39 - Justin Perry wants to make an ad hoc committee to work on this revolving loan fund.

8:42 - Justin Perry wants to talk about the Presidential Search. Exciting I guess.

9:00 - Officer Reports blah blah blah

Another exciting meeting of the student government. Tally ho!


  1. There wasn't a fire drill in the sense of a building evacuation.

    The fire department came and practiced whatever they needed to practice. It was their own self-contained drill.

    And no one on campus was notified ahead of time. I had no idea what was going on.

    Just in case it comes up again :o)

  2. Thanks for the support Senator Benjes. I will continue to fund your election campaigns.