Tuesday, January 20, 2009

SGA Meeting 1/20

First SGA Meeting of the year!!!!!!!

8:05 - Meeting starts

8:13 - We are watching a Webinar about a new website, "discoverED", which is all about finding jobs after college. Pretty cool stuff I guess. The guy is talking to the internet while giving us a guided tour of the website. The future is now! Checkout www.bediscovered.com starting February 2nd! It's run by a SMCM alumn so give him your support I guess?

8:18 - Marlena Weiss was just sworn in as our new Secretary, and Adam Matthai as our new Parliamentarian. Exciting! Marlena is wearing a sweet vest, I am very jealous of it.

8:20 - Bill about SGA covering the cost of Renewable Energy Credits. Boring stuff. But, Sunny brought up the idea of raising student fees and then saving some of the new income for later investment into green intiatives such as solar panels, etc. I think this was a really cool idea.

8:25 - Iben Ricket is staring off into space, but staring off into space right at me, which is making me feel uneasy because her gaze is intimidating. I hope we have a meeting about Publicity soon because they are pretty fun/I love SGA publicity.

8:28 - REC Bill got passed! wooo.

8:30 - Matt Fafoutis is talking about the search for a new President. My suggestions:
-Bush (out of a job now)
-Matt Fafoutis :3
-Cal Ripken (my personal favorite option)

8:32 - Nora Olney just told us about the Inauguration Edition of The Nest. Exciting?

8:34 - Jeremy Pevner just spoke in third person

8:40 - blah blah blah

8:44 - blah blah blah

8:45 - Meeting Adjourned


  1. I really like that vest but my boobs are too big for it :(

  2. a tragedy if I have ever heard one