Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More SMCM Blogs

I've talked about blogs by other SMCMers before, but there are more!

One of my favorite blogs ever is Marlena Weiss's. It's just called marlenasblog. It's on tumblr like a lot of other people's blogs. I just like blogspot a lot because it uses the same login as Gmail. She updates everyday, which is an amazing feat, and they are usually short and about interesting topics. Also she is from Baltimore and legit and hard etc.

If you want blogs that are pretty much hipster trash then look no further than Sam Rockler!

I like the Olszewski blog, sometimes the posts are inside jokes etc. which are pretty fun, and sometimes just random thoughts.

Rockler blog has a lot of quotes and hipster photos. It's pretty nice and I really enjoy the overall asthetics.

Marlena's wins because I can imagine reading hers daily even if I didn't know who she was. But they are all pretty interesting and different.

1 comment:

  1. hipster trash indeed.

    Don't really understand people that just sit there thinking "how pretentious can i be?" in a blog