Wednesday, January 14, 2009


As an RA I do programming every semester, so I was wondering if you, the reader, had any input as far as programming ideas. Some ideas I was tossing around:

-Bike Race around the island between PG, Caroline and Dorch
-Mocktails, but I worry that people will bring their own non-mock ingredients
-Superbowl Party
-Valentine's Day card making
-Spend all of my funds on Lego and then build them
-Partini (is this game any fun? Caroline just got a copy of it)

Also, my door decorations for this semester are pictures of myself + and army man glued to your door.


  1. have a GI-Joe movie viewing.

    have another one

    play lego indiana jones in the common room.

    ask for 10 dollars for a fun "field trip" from everyone in the hall then spend it on lego.

    have a NEVAR FORGET THE DINOS party.

  2. gi joes and army hoes

  3. i would love to come to valentine's day card making!