Saturday, October 25, 2008

Block Party!

The Residence Halls on the Hill (Prince George, Caroline, and Dorchester) hosted a block party yesterday afternoon. It was pretty excellent. There was pumpkin carving, food, Hawk Radio, beer goggles, and most important of all

Free Shirts. It was the blue ones from Monday.

-I was carving my pumpkin, which said SMUT SLUT, and Dean Bayless walked over to see what it said, and I carefully covered the SLUT portion. Very awkwards
-Jesse Lee, Adam K., and the French kid in my Chinese class cooked food. They ran out of veggie burgers really early on so I ended up not being vegetarian for a half hour, since I wanted food and the Great Room closed early. Also they didn't have condiments until the very end :[
-A first year yelled "fuck you" at someone during the contest to win a "super sober safe sex shirt"; it was really awkward and weird. And somehow Karina remembered all of the alcohol awareness events from the week.
-Chris Rodkey and I made caramel apples. They were delicious

Overall it was pretty enjoyable. If you want to see my pumpkin, it is in Chris Rodkey's window or the RA office window

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