Tuesday, October 28, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/28


8:08 - Roll call. Lots of people are here it is somewhat exciting.

Okay so that Avi girl's name is Avideh Mayville. I really like her name, it's new and interesting sounding.

8:10 - Kevin Baier is taking photos. It sounds like a press conference as a result due to the clicking. We forced him to take a picture of Senator Van Parys and myself. I hope it goes on facebook.

8:11 - O shit the Glenndenning Hall is getting delayed. The furniture sucks and therefore it won't be open yet. P.S. I don't know how to spell Glenndenning.

8:12 - Mark Heidrich is still talking, he is the guy that mentioned the building delay. He is the Assistant VP for Acadmeic Administration. He seems nice. I like his style of dress.

8:15 - I just fucking heard wind chimes. Where are the goddam wind chimes. I think it was Fafoutis's phone. What a douche.

j/k I love Fafoutis :]

8:26 - Mark Heindrich is still talking and Kevin Baier is taking an excessive amount of photos of him. It's really obnoxious. It's probably for his own personal collection.

8:27 - Rubik's Cube club. If this passes I will resign and move to Canada. Senator Campbell is shitting all over Robyn, it's amazing.

Oh my fucking god why is Jeremy Pevner supporting this. We have a fucking puzzle club. Rubik's cubes are puzzles. I don't see the fucking issue.

Oh god more people are supporting this. Fuck the SGA.

Kevin Baier get back to taking photos and stop supporting this club.

It just passed :[

8:49 - We are discussing professor critiques and how to get students to do them. I brought up the UMD method which I think is pretty rad. It was actually a really solid discussion.

8:56 - Ooo I just realized Iben Ricket isn't here. She invited me to join Publicity Board, I am pretty stoked.

9:12 - Jeremy Pevner has been talking for at least 11 minutes now.

9:34 - I brought up the fact that our ping pong table is currently in half.

9:39 - I asked Brian Caffey "Can I have a piece of food?" He then gave me some skittles. :]

9:44 - Meeting adjourned

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