Tuesday, October 7, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/7

Brian Van Parys and I both dressed up. Many asked if he was going to J-Board, many said I looked beautiful. Everyone at SGA was confused and laughed. Also I got a haircut and it is very stunning and beautiful.

8:06 - Earliest a meeting has ever started!

8:09 - No students speakout today, woooo

8:10 - Guest speaker Lenny Howard. Graduated in 97'. TV noise is playing over the microphone but Jeremy Pevner, technology god, is fixing it. Okay we are good. This guy seems smart and has gone to school for a long time. He is also kinda boring :[. He is very pretty though. Kevin Baier came in late. He went to my high school, and last week he got owned pretty hard. I still don't understand what he is talking about, but I think he is here to prepare people for grad school etc. He seems really nice and like he would be really useful for hepoing you go to grad school.

8:16 - Senate Leader nominations. Apparently I have some competition. I would honestly be pretty suprised if I won. Other contenders are John Campbell, Liam Bradley, Avi Mayvill,e Lisa Neu, and Kait Hines. I think Kait would be my choice other than myself, she is really involved and pretty awesome. Ooooo I think they are postponing the vote. This is probably because people are scared of me getting elected. I mean not really, but I can pretend. They are scared of change obviously. lols.

8:35 - Fantastic Fall Festival of Fun got 500$ to spend on stuff.

8:40 - Adjourned

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