Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/21

Meeting Tonight!!!

8:12 - Senate Leader Elections. Kait Hines vs. the other girl, Avi something. blah blah blah

8:14 - Louis Ritzinger just knocked over his bottle of water.

8:16 - Senator Van Parys said that we should play minitanks to get the SGA to bond more. I love minitanks.

8:17 - I really dislike Nora Onley's jacket. It's like a trenchcoat but it's kinda ugly. She should wear something that fits her better. On the other hand Jesse Lee is hot looking as per usual. Also Brian Caffey is working on homework, how shameful. Avi girl is droning on and on about the limiatations of SGA.

8:23 - We are now voting via ballot. FUCK THE OTHER GIRL WON. I WANTED KAIT HINES TO WIN :[ :[ :[ :[ :[

le sigh

So that Avi girl won. I don't really know her name :/

8:27 - Student Investment Group is talking about stuff I don't really care though it's boring as fuck

8:29 - I miss my soup at hand, it was so delicious. New England Clam Chowder.

8:33 - Nathan asked me to be on his committee. I like him okay but he is boring sometimes and takes SGA too seriously. I am on the...building committee I think. It sounds better than....parking committee. I really wanted to be on Publicity. One day....one day....

8:39 - Started playing tic tac toe with Senator Van Parys I lost :[

9:15 - Going over emergency funds, it was fun. Clubs don't seem to understand the rules of how to request money.

9:30 - Still more boring stuff. I am really really hungry. Hungry hungry hippoes

9:40 - Dean Bayless thing finally. She wants all of our feedback on the Strategic 5-Year Plan. I don't really care about it and just want to go eat food/do homework ughhhhh

9:56 - Meeting Adjourned

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