Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SGA Meeting 10/14

SGA Meeting tonight. Should be exciting. Senator Van Parys and I are wearing the same outfit, dress pants, the same blue shirt with white vertical stripes. It is very cute.

Also we are one person away from quorum. Okay we have enough people now.

8:14 - Meeting started

8:16 - I seconded some stuff

8:19 - Matt Smith is chair of the Parking Committee and he does not have a car. This is awesome.

8:20 - ooo we are reading our Senate Leader speeches. I think I will let Senator Van Parys read mine because he matches me. He did a very fine job. I love him.

8:36 - We are doing a Primary Vote!

8:37 - I lost :[

8:42 - OMG They brought up www.juicycampus.com and they all were against it, but I was the one that submitted our college to it. LOL

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