Thursday, April 19, 2012

Joe Urgo on Facebook

Do yall ever get on facebook, usually in the mornings, and take a look at which of your friends are online.  And then you see it.  You see that Joe Urgo, Prezbro, is online.  Waiting to chat.

Wonder if anybody ever 'chats him up'.  Just smiling there (also note his profile picture is from the 2011 graduation, arguably one of the best SMCM graduations in the past year), waiting for u to chat him.

What would you say?  R U 2 Scared to chat the Prezbro?

"I ain't a-scared of no ghosts Urgos" - The Ghostbusters (circa 1980s)

Hate to admit that IDK what I would say.  Feel like I would bother him and his busy schedule of wearin' hats, going 2 meetings, and other Presidential things. 

Wonder what he does on Fbook all day.  Wonder if he is more of a 'farmville' kinda guy, or more into 'Word with friends'.  Do yall think he is a DrawSomethinger???  Wonder if he plays Team Fortress 2 and collects hats (obscure nerd reference, BTW trading Buds for Unusual Hats). 

 Do I spend too much time contemplating this??? [answer:  yes]

In conclusion, here is a short documentary by Deanna Clements and some other bros about Urgo which is fairly entertaining.

I dare yall to chat up Urgo and post results in the comments.  Anyone with good chat convos/screenshots will win a prize (IDK beer probably)

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