Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Lunch Celebration? Or Horror Ice Cream Frenzy of Hell?

Any event that refers to a presence of fried food as a "deep fried frenzy" is an event that any person would find necessary to be at. Nothing attracts a gr8r00m crowd like a frenzy.

Honorable mention goes out to ice cream novelties. I hope they get the Spiderman or the Spongebob ice cream bars with the candy eyes. Those were always a personal favorite via summertime @ the ~public pool~ except the ice cream man was always way overpriced. Chances are there will be no Spongebob bars but maybe a personal request would work.

Now that I think about it these are some pretty terrifying ice creams. But what do y'all think? Should it be "Mac & Cheese" or "Mac -n- Cheese"? Scary ice cream? Feeding frenzy? Good things? Y/N?


  1. Man, I miss that game. Used to look different.

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  3. I hope I don't get another ice cream cone without the cone in it. Just some ice cream in a paper wrapper. Goddamnit.

  4. No Chicken patties?