Monday, April 2, 2012

PANIC: David Groupe is Missing a "Ladder"

According to a recent All Student Email, David Groupe (pronounced, Groupie, I imagine) is missing a ladder.  Read the whole email below (click it to see it bigger):

David begins the message simply stating "Has someone borrowed my ladder."  It's not a question, but a simple statement.  I am not entirely sure if he meant to place a question mark at the end of this sentence, or if he is making some sort of a political statement.  What does the ladder represent?  Are we all just ladders, living on this Earth to support others???

According to the email, the ladder is approximately ten feet tall.  It is unfortunate that David Groupe was not able to provide the exact height of this ladder, because many ladders are 'approximately ten feet tall' so I think it will be difficult to distinguish which ladder is his.  However, he does tell us that the ladder is 'aluminum' and has wheels on the bottom (as opposed to ladders with wheels on the top).

Please, won't someone think of the scene shop?!?!  David needs this ladder back urgently (almost as urgently as Nate's all student email [more on that in a future bloggin post] about hamburger buns) so if you drunkenly stole a ladder of all things, please return it.


  1. As someone who has been forced to be in frequent e-mail contact with David in the past, he's the worst/most hilarious e-mailer ever. Also, I'm gonna go ahead and accuse Jon Wagner.

  2. I shall second the accusation of Jon Wagner on the premise of him seeming like the kind of person who steals ten foot ladders. You know the kind of person I'm talking about, especially if you know Jon Wagner.