Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beach Party

I was browsing The Facebook when I stumbled across these photos of what looks to have been a rad-ass party.  SAND IN THE HOUSE.  Imagine the clean up!

Bros blocked out to protect their identities.  Really awesome party theme.  Reminds me of a story I have been told approximately 69 times...


The year is 2006.  The place is the Crescents.  C/O 2008 Ian Murphy told me this story many times.  He and some friends made many trips to the PG and Caroline volleyball courts (back then there were sand courts behind the two residence halls) to collect sand and then dump it in their townhouse.  They repeated this until there were a solid 3 inches of sand.  Then they had a party wherein everyone wore bathing suits/went topless.  I have never seen photographic evidence of said party, but it's nice to see later generations attempting the same sort of thing.

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