Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Point News Website Mishap

A week or two ago I tried to go to the website of that terrorist newspaper, The Point News.  I don't get the physical newspaper delivered to my abode so I have to check it on their website (which is almost like a blog).

But when I went their domain had expired!  See the photo below (click it for bigness)

It would appear that without the help of web developed David Chase that the Point News website will have some issues (via he graduated a few months ago) in the future.  As you may have noticed from the godaddy tabs that I have open that I tried to purchase the domain.  Unfortunately I was not able to.  This could have been the final blow that would have killed The Point News.  Sigh.

I have done some "investigative journalism" via asking Dave Chase why this happened, but he did not respond (it was 5AM EST).  He probably did not respond because he was busy working for a terrorist candidate for Congress (congrats on the job bb).

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