Friday, May 13, 2011


Ahhh what a great event!  Highlights (or is it spelled hilights?):

  • Shoutout from Urgo via my blog.  When he started talking about cool kids on campus I felt it was possible that he would mention me and then he did via I am a psychic.  It was a cute shoutout!
  • Good speeches from all!
  • I fucking bawled like a baby while sipping on my Arnold Palmer when the professors started singing Look on the Bright Side of Life.
  • Senior slideshow!  Lots of photos from the exec board which elicited a lot of comments like 'lol brooke wilson slide show' but you really can't complain if you didn't send in any pictures...anyway it was really good.
  • Also thank you to whomever decided to include a photo of me at the door with a pitcher.  Typical thursday hahah.
  • I was really impressed with it overall and will miss these wonderful people (for the month and a half before I return via MAT program.
Also on a personal note I moved into my new townhouse today!  Come visit me sometime maybe, it's near that gas station/liquor store/car wash on 235.


  1. I want to post via your blog but I don't want you to out me on it, via, more or less, and my picture wasn't on the slider show neither, op cit., - jurgo.

  2. I going to call someone out on their bullshit! I think Jurgo would know better than to not capitalize a proper noun!

    Anyway, I didn't think that there was that much of an effort to get photos from other students. I dunno, it felt very "I went on so and so's facebook and the then stalked her photos and now here's the slideshow!" Kind of sucked.

    ALSO. Can we please talk about the kent/point fire. wtf.

  3. Yes, it was ironic that this school, and especially convocation, made such a spectacle of our liberalness, but that slideshow was not exactly in the spirit of inclusivity. And one can say that I should have sent in photos, but I did not even know that was an option. Instead, I think maybe 10 percent of the senior class was represented in those pictures, and my friends and family sat there, feeling embarrassingly left out while others got all sappy.

  4. also all of the photos were of drinking or lounging and maybe I'm "uncool" for not spending 100% of my time at the door, but no other parts of campus were represented-clubs, events, other parts of was really embarrassing for those girls who made it.