Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soft Serve Machine

Back in 1986 SMCM had a soft serve machine for ice cream stuff.  I have heard of this before but now I see a photo of it.

What BULLSHIT.  Why don't we get a soft serve machine.  We are clearly degrading as an institution if we no longer have soft serve machine.  It looks so delicious, I wish I was eating it right now because it is kinda hot out (via humidity).  I also went for a bike ride and raced some twelve year olds from the pool so I am kinda sweaty (I won btw).

I'm not actually upset regarding this I just thought it would be funny to freak out about it.  Also this girl has cool hair.


  1. Man. The soft serve was there my freshman year (2004). It was really fro-yo and it always had a slightly chemically taste to it.

    Do not be sad.

  2. hot via humidity. Impossible.

  3. Was there my freshman year as well (2k5). When did it leave.

  4. I started in 2k7, I think it was there my first semester (lisa neu told me this) but then was removed