Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bike Shops should get this

This is an awesome thing and would be radical to have outside the bike shop/campus center.  A quick bike repair station, with tools for nuts and bolts and most importantly a pump!  Also I wouldn't feel awkward going to the bike shop just for air in my tires.


  1. dear ken benjes, i am a terrible person and have not sent your present yet. i can't find a good box. just know that i have not forgotten.
    -your secret admirer

  2. Woo presents from secret admirers. If you do this I'll make you an smcmlol shirt


    from a bike goon to you. If I was there I would buy you a copy and also drink yoohoo with you.

  4. We've been thinking about getting one. Might try to get SGA to pop for one in the next year or so.

    -Andrew from the bike shop