Monday, May 23, 2011


A few weeks ago while I was walking past the Campus Center I saw Dr. Urgo and he told me that someone had mentioned to him that I should put my hat (which I wore a lot this past year) in the Archives via it's culturally significant.  I thought this was a very silly idea but it made me chortle.  Urgo and I both greatly enjoy hats, though I believe his are of a higher 'quality' even though they lack the ironic factor.  The hat in question is below:

As you can see it is blue and has mesh in the back.  It is a hat from the Cape May-Lewes Ferry (it took me like 20 seconds to remember how to spell ferry correctly in the context of a boat...).  I liked this ferry a lot when I was a child (via it had an arcade onboard) so I was delighted when I found it in a thrifting shop.

Anyway this was just a short anecdote to share with yall.  How do yall feel about 'hats' and 'wearing them' (via headgear?).


  1. i feel that i miss my hat and would like it returned. it is red and you may see examples of it on my facebook page. any information is appreciated.

  2. I think Urgo got a kick out of my collection of special-occasion fedoras. Or at least he would point and laugh or give me the thumbs up when he saw me wearing one. I also greatly enjoyed every occasion on which I wore a cowboy hat in order to be ridiculous/awesome.

  3. I enjoy my camo baseball hats via I'm a redneck

  4. uneven tan via hats

  5. are you putting old bay on your pizza?

  6. I enjoy my trademark, black Jager hat to the highest degree good sir.

    I got a little drunk one night *accidentally* with Jager and Mikes Hard limeade(obvi drinking like a lil bitch). I had no clean (i.e. not disgusting) clothes to wear the next day and as luck would have it, there was a band giving out free Jager swag... including the infamous hat.

    Iconic Hat...Got Swagger.

  7. @Laura Grace helllllz yeah

    @Will Frye hahahahhh wonderful story

  8. I love Hat (via Alex Gardullo).