Thursday, August 4, 2011

Public Safety Officers Graduate from Basic Academy Class

Was told about a fascinating article by a prominent SMCM person.  Don't bother reading the actual article via it's boring (also you would then realize where I stole the image from, instead of thinking that I took this amazing photograph with sunlight glare.  Props to the TheBayNet for capturing the glare of the sun in this wonderful photograph) and not very interesting. 

It would appear that 6 officers went to AACO for Basic Academy Class for Public Safety Officers.  In the past apparently officers were sent to random places for training, instead of a single MD program.

Actually I lied, there are some funny/mean comments on the article that are well worth checking out.  I agree with Joeboy52's wife that the dude on the bottom right is 'hot'.  Hope he learned more about using bullhorns to yell at kids (via yelling at dudes pre-Gala).

<3 u Officer Coons (via love).


  1. Whats the bottom picture from? Context? Girl on the left is dancing? Was the PS officer laying down 'phat beats', or threats of beat(ing)s?

  2. It's from Gala. I think he was upset over people drinking outside or something. I really didn't understand tbh.

  3. i thought senior week = drinking outside is perfectly ok, hence flip cup on the greens, seven wonders etc etc because everyone is "over 21" that week

  4. it doesn't matter if you're over 21 drinking outside in public property is against MD law

  5. out of all 6 officers. still only one i would even attempt to trust. and it just so happens to be hot bottom right, bullhorn handlin, Officer Coons. that and officer Mary. but thats a give in.

    Did they exclude her from the photo to also keep the general public from liking her best?

  6. The guy on the bottom right and in the other picture is Officer Wheeler. Not Officer Coons. I think Wheeler is a supervisor for ps.