Thursday, August 18, 2011

Margaret Brent Hall Relocation

Tommy Seahawk yall here to talk about Maggy Hall getting moved via crane to a new location. 


Where will the building be moved to?  Did yall know that this is a historic building, which is why they are not just tearing it down (via wrecking balls). 
Will it be moved to...
  • Island in the middle of the river
  • Admissions field (formerly the only place that student protest were allowed to happen circa 2008 according to some older bros)
  • Campus Center parking lot (hint:  this is the answer)
  • Underground
  • To the point
Who knows?!?! (you do via I just told you).

Really excited for watching it get moved in September 12th.  We should all get lawn chairs and classy drinks and dress up for this occasion.  Maybe someone should bring Bocce ball or Croquet (the latter preferred).  Gonna take awhile to move it, feel like they should just get a helicopter to move it.  Dunno if that is feasible/legal though.


  1. They're moving it because those funds were protected because of the nature of the project; otherwise the whole thing would have been scrapped because of budget cuts over the last couple of years.

    And why didn't they build the rest of the parking lot first? It's going to be a nightmare after next week trying to find parking.

  2. The St. Mary's board members that are in charge of allocating funds are not fit for the job. They are also not doing anything in the interest of students in our community, since 2001. Lets protest again :)!

  3. Really glad they've decided to make the move right right after summer ends and the campus is nice and full of people.

  4. Of course now after the hurricane it's a swimming pool! Awesome!