Monday, April 11, 2011

SMCM Spirit Week 2011

Spirit Week starts today!  I kinda dig spirit week via it reminds me of high school.  miss u high school.  miss u long, untamed hair.

First is mix and match day.  I don't really understand this day.  I'm pretty sure my clothes generally clash (via I like obnoxious colors) and this day is really just dedicated towards making people look weird.

Tuesday is tie dye day.  I don't have any tie dye clothes because I'm not a hippie/person who finds tie dye aesthetically pleasing.

Wednesday is pajama day.  I don't really understand what pajamas are to be honest.  I usually wear boxers to bed (or nothing via nudity).

Thursday is Beach Day which is an excellent day due to it forcing people to wear bathing suits (which I enjoy doing and it will be socially acceptable to wear a bathing suit to class) and because there will be food down at the Waterfront from 3-6.  Food for free!

Friday is the Powderpuff game, which also means that there is no specified clothing that we are supposed to be wearing for this day which I find upsetting.  Spirit week is great because it makes it much easier to plan out your wardrobe for the week.  There should be a blue day where we all wear all blue and look silly.  Or maybe a metal T-shirt day.  I don't own any metal T-shirts but I am pretty sure Matt Smith has enough for the whole school.

Kinda surprised there is no class T-Shirt day, seeing as this day gives people more reason to buy class T shirts.

Lastly, I want to see Solomon the Seahawk more often.


  1. i second the solomon. he seems bogarted by sports teams. why doesnt he cheer on the greens on a friday night? or when we have recess on the greens, where is he then?

  2. lolllerin @ use of bogarting. I wonder who you have to talk to in order to request his usage. Maybe Tom Fisher?

  3. mmmm miss you and your body

  4. " I don't own any metal T-shirts but I am pretty sure Matt Smith has enough for the whole school." lol