Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Donate your unwanted items

Yall, do you have clothes, food, books, couches, dildos, etc. that you no longer want after this semester?  Donate them!  There are boxes around campus in the laundry rooms where you can place stuff, and they are color coded

  • blue:  food
  • purple:  clothes
  • green:  school supplies
  • red:  pornography
So if you have stuff you don't want, you know where to leave it!

There will also be a Free Market on May 4th.  woahz

Additionally check out this link which is a craigslist type thing with listings of stuff that people no longer want, like couches.  Email eneu@smcm.edu if you want to list something.


  1. Oh, cool! I know they've done this before and it's awesome for people who can afford to gank stuff.

  2. What do you mean by 'gank'? I played WoW once in high school when I was visiting a friend and they used gank in the context of 20 people attacking one other person

  3. Sorry,no red boxes. I'll keep that in mind for next year though :P. Also as a side note - please don't donate:
    - underwear (gross, even if they are clean)
    - opened food
    - the laundry someone left in the dryer for hours on a Sunday night when all the other machines are full


  4. "Gank" as in snag, steal, borrow, use, take, etc.

  5. already donate, its a good ting to do