Thursday, April 7, 2011

SGA Meeting 4/5/2011 Recap

Cool long meeting of the SGA.  Linda Wallace came to talk about Plan B.  You can get Plan B, at cost (soon) in the health center on mondays and tuesdays.  Which is great if you have an accident Sunday night.  But not great if it's on Pint Night.

JAG and Chip Jackson came to talk about the Pub and its inability to serve alcohol.  As you've probably seen in emails, it'll be open Friday and the next three thursdays.  They also still need a new name that isn't "The LQ Eatery."  Also apparently people have been trying to bring in handles of liquor and 30 packs...this is kinda stupid but also really funny that someone would try that.  Like I can see sneaking in a beer or a mixed drink, but those other things are large and hard to hide objects...

Anyway this brings up an interesting discussion of drunkenness at the eatery.  One of the appeals of the late night food option, as it was advertised was us, was a means of providing a safer alternative of obtaining warm food than driving to Sheetz drunk.  But, at the meeting on Tuesday (and in Bayless's email recently) there was discussion of not being inebriated at this venue.  I think there's a difference between showing up to the Pub drunk (which is not it's purpose) and showing up just to the eatery drunk, when you want food but don't want to risk drunk driving.  But this was just my view of how it played out, so feel free to discuss this in the comments.  Obviously, no one should be bringing drinks into the LQ Eatery ever, or acting obnoxious in there.

Then some blah blah blah boring legislation.  Clubs can't send all student emails anymore.  Student fees are going to go up by $25.  SGA wants people to walk with majors (I don't really though).  Budgets for clubs next Fall got passed.

Most importantly, Senator McGrath gave his report in a southern drawl ala True Grit.  ‎"As the Sam & Dave song goes, 'If you've got the lovin', I've got the time. Sub 'student fee meeting' for 'lovin'' here." - Kyle McGrath

Overall a good meeting!


  1. that kyle mcgrath quote was my status! give me credit/maybe give him more credit <3

  2. ok I hate to be a downer but can kyle mcgrath not waste everyone's time by making stupid/pointless/totally irrelevant/just plain wrong remarks all the time

  3. ^^^ HAHAH.... he makes relevant comments as well sometimes.