Thursday, April 14, 2011

LQ Eatery

Have yall been to the Lewis Quad Eatery/Pub.  They serve food there!  And sometimes alcohol!  My friends and I were worried about the prices of alcohol, but it's not that bad

  • Corona (kinda ew) 1.75
  • Heineken (I like this beer because Ken is in the name) 2.50
  • Various Sam Adams's 3.00
  • Wine 3.00 (Note that a cup of wine is a small cup.  Also apparently the 'glass of wine a day' rule does not apply to pint glasses, but rather only wine glasses')
All the stuff comes from bottles (woo) but they pour it into cups (lame).  There is also food
  • Nachos 3.00 and they are delicious
  • Nachos with meat 4.50 if you are into that
  • Burrito 6.00 these were okay but I'd rather get more nachos

Last week they had a survey.  I liked 8th Wonder and The Pub.  Someone last week made a fake edit to the SMCM wikipedia regarding the pub and called it The Sloppy Oyster which made my roommates and myself laugh a lot.

Anyway every thursday (including today) there will be alcohol.  Hopefully professors will show up to discuss academic topics/buy us boooze.  

Not much else to say, except that they really need to dim those lights.  Also there is free popcorn.


  1. I wish they would have moscato wine. All they have is icky wine. :(

  2. A box a day keeps the doctor away

  3. i second the moscato comment/ or reisling.

    also, i enjoy the name "the sloppy oyster."

  4. I know I am probably the only one, but I don't drink beer or wine but... It would be great if they had like Mike's hard or some other option for people like me.

  5. Mike's hard cranberry... and yes, sloppy oyster.

  6. I disagree with waka flocka and drake that moscato is an acceptable all the time wine. CLAP, CLAP, BRAVO for not having a shit ton of super sweet wine.

  7. Is it really fair to make the 300(?) students living in LQ give up their common area, kitchen, and study room?

  8. No it's not that fair. But at the same time, the common area has never been used very often (clubs used it as a space for meetings though), there is still a study room for them to use.

  9. A new kitchen is being installed for them in one of the study rooms across the way.

  10. I've solved your naming problem: ages ago, before Cooks was Cooks, it was still a gas station/liquorstore/deli/convenience store, but it was called The Oar House. And LQ has plenty of oars.

  11. i really think the 8th wonder should be that sun dial over by the boathouse that is in the shade for most of the day...