Monday, April 18, 2011

Class of 2013 Shirts

The class of 2013 (inferior to class of 2011 obv.) is selling T-Shirts with Dr. Urgo on them.  They look like this.

These look pretty rad!  The yellow is kinda weird though, it reminds me of both pee and 1970s nostalgia, two things which I dislike.  Also he should have a hat maybe via hats are great.

They cost $13 dollars which is an unlucky number so possibly you should avoid buying these.  But if you don't believe in LUCK then you can probably buy one via Joe Santangelo.  Email him.

Also, not really sure what 'el presidente' means.  I think it may be in a foreign language but I cannot read it so I believe this may cause the shirt to have limited appeal.

I also imagine that if I found this in a thrift store and didn't understand the context I would think it was teh greatest thing ever.