Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Return of Kohler's!

Do yall remember Kohler's?  Kohler was some dude who sold pizza out of the Great Room on the weekend nights (also may have been a bit of a creep via unconfirmed rumors)!  He hired a bunch of kids to ferry the pizzas across campus and it was the greatest thing ever.  Especially the buffalo chicken pizza.  It was the best way to end a wonderful Saturday night.

Anyways, Kohler's graduated/died in '09 and so did the business.  Some clubs tried to revitalize it, but ultimately it never made much money and it was a hassle for Bon Appetit.  But this weekend Habitat for Humanity is going to be selling St. James Pizza (which I can confirm is completely delicious) for $10.50!  Only from 7-9 though which is kinda lame, but overall still cool.

Pretty coooooooool stuff (but seriously 75cent wings is absurd).


  1. did he really die?

  2. SMCMLOLOGIC: If I have not seen someone after they graduate, they must be dead