Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Join the SGA!

The SGA is looking for new Senators.  We have open position in Waring Commons, Caroline, Townhouses, and for Commuters!  You probably got an email about this, and in that email is the candidate application.  You just need 50 signatures!  Or you can run a write-in campaign.

SGA is pretty cool.  Two hours a week on Tuesday nights wherein we discuss stuff and make secret plans to take over the school.  And you learn a lot about the school which is usually pretty interesting.  We also have super secret and super exclusive SGA parties that no one knows about (I don't even know about them).  Also you get to hear me talk a lot (via being Vice President)!

Anyways think about it.  There is also a sweet Dinner in the spring with delicious food.  mnnn

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  1. join sga and bring back the nest!